I first met Dylan Stevens when he was modeling this year for Nashville Fashion Week.  Dylan is a beautiful person who is capable of appearing as a male or a female, and he moves fluidly between the two. He might meet you for dinner in stilettos and jeans. What he does isn’t “drag” at all.  It is just amazing.  I asked him to let me photograph him and I started a whole series of photos with him having interactions with himself-both genders in the same scenario. Yes, photoshop was involved.  In a sense, there are many sides to each of us.  This project is about those possibilities.  I am very curious as to how people will react to these images.

6 thoughts on “Fluidity

  1. As you know I am an artist, so I love anything artistic. I love this, and the whole concept. Keep going with it.

  2. Margaret, You write beautifully… Of course I’m not surprised. The photograph is luscious and he is spellbinding. Can’t wait to see more. Nonnie

  3. I LOVE this….my goodness Margaret…is there anything you don’t do? Not can’t do. Don’t do. You do it all!! ;o)

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