The Secret of Life


The Secret of Life
Is Enjoying the Passing of Time. James Taylor

Fred and I are porch sitters from way back. In San Miguel, the porches become rooftop terrazzos, giving you a perfect view of this charming little city. This is our third summer to come here, and each time we choose to stay a little bit longer. At this moment we are cozied up on a big lounge on the rooftop of the house we have rented, listening to the church bells proclaim high noon. We had breakfast in the courtyard of an old hacienda, now converted to a hotel. The food was wonderful, there were a couple of men playing classical guitars, and I felt I would be happy to just sit there all day, passing time.

We will both enjoy passing our time here. Fred brought a guitar and he is looking forward to having lots of undistracted time to practice. We are both studying Spanish and I am determined to speak it while I’m here and not revert to English when I realize the person I am talking to also speaks English. They’ll just have to put up with me. “Hablar mas despacio, por favor.” I also plan to do yoga every day, probably up here on the roof, and to write this little blog about life around the house in San Miguel. Glad to have you with me.

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