Reasons to Love San Miguel


Reasons to Love San Miguel

Your senses are in for a treat in this beautiful little city. While there are quite a few “gringos” who live here, it is still very much a Mexican town. Fred and I have traveled quite a bit in Mexico–the Pacific coast, all over the Yucatan, Isla Mujeres. Isla Holbox,
Oaxaca–and I have never seen a more aesthetically pleasing place. For that matter I can’t come up with a place in the USA that I like more, or any where that I have been in Europe.

It is a very clean city; the streets are immaculate. The weather here is close to perfect.
San Miguel is high in the mountains, on a plateau, right in the very middle of the country. We have been here for the past three summers but are thinking of coming in the fall next year, to check it out during what is supposed to be the most perfect time, and because we’d love to be here for Day of the Dead, the major local holiday.

There are great restaurants here, and for cooking at home, the markets are amazing. We feel perfectly safe here. The people are friendly, and while many of them don’t speak English, they will slow down and work with you if you are trying to speak Spanish. But the thing I like most about San Miguel can be seen in this photo. You truly never know what you are going to see when you look at the town around you. Art is everywhere here, and the simplest things become moments you want to keep forever.

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