Hasta Luego


Hasta Luego.

They say one picture is worth a thousand words, and I think this picture, shot from our bedroom window, tells the story of San Miguel. The mariachi band was wrapping it up for the day, probably after serenading in the square. When I leaned out and said, “hola,” they looked up and waved.

Tomorrow we leave San Miguel. I am already looking forward to my next visit to this lovely little city. Even though this time I’ve spent most of my time here literally just being “around the house,” I have enjoyed the simple pleasures of being here – looking out my window on the sweet little fountain, venturing out a few times for a meal and some people watching, cooking with Fred in our little kitchen, hearing the sounds from the street. I’ve even enjoying the rains of the season, which usually come late in the day.

I’ve learned some things about myself on this trip. I have been very fortunate in my lifetime and had very few physical problems. I hope that this experience will make me more compassionate and understanding towards other people. It has taught me how much it means when a friend reaches out and shows they care. I have also had to evaluate the importance of a positive outlook. It is a choice, and I have had to decide each day which way I’ll go. Above all, it has shown me what a great guy Fred is.

As soon as I recover from my untimely injury (see my July 2 entry) I am going to be ready to come back to Mexico. I love it here more each time we come. So, until later, beautiful city, we’ll see you again soon.

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