Global Entry


Global Entry.

The flight home has taken two days. We planned it that way and it was a good thing, because we would have definitely missed our connecting flight. The details are too boring to discuss, but the flight from San Miguel to Dallas, which was supposed to take about 2 1/2 hours ended up taking 7 hours. We were pretty worn out and hungry by the time we finally got off the plane. But, we were patting ourselves on the back for having gotten registered with Global Entry.

Have you heard of Global Entry? If you fly to and from the USA, as in and out of Mexico, it is a fantastic thing to do for yourself. Look it up on the Internet for details. Fred and I had to go to Atlanta to register, and it costs about $100 per person for 5 years, but it is so well worth it. (I may not have the exact details right. Check the website.) Remember the last time you flew in to the US from another country and the mile-long line snaking around and around that you had to wait in? And then the hassle of getting through customs? Global Entry does a background check on you and you are freed from all this exhausting process. I highly, highly, highly recommend it. We were out of the airport before most of the people on our flight had gotten their luggage.

And, here’s some more good news about Global Entry. We found out this morning that once you have Global Entry you can get on the TSA Trusted Traveler list. This list gets you through domestic security checks much easier. No shoe taking off, no putting out liquids, no line, no X-ray. Somehow we managed, because of our Global Entry, to get recognized as Trusted Travelers when we boarded in Nashville for our departure at the beginning this adventure. However, we realized as we were leaving Dallas that we weren’t on their list automatically because my security check this morning in Dallas was a total joke–but that will be a whole ‘nuther blog post. One of the first things Fred will do when we get home will be to make sure we are on Trusted Travelers list. I should, in the spirit of full disclosure, let you know that if you have any criminal activity in your background, even a misdemeanor, you are not eligible. And, should you screw up after you get Global Entry, you’re out of the club forever. So, I guess it’s a good thing I restrained myself from strangling the TSA agent in Dallas.

Sharing the news about Global Entry is sort of like telling people about a really great small hotel. It’s so wonderful you feel selfish not to share, but at the same time, you hope everyone doesn’t suddenly start doing it. (I should tell you that Fred is a little pissed because I’m posting this. He wants it all to himself.) But, since we are friends and hang out around my house together, I have to tell you that if you travel internationally, even once a year, Global Entry is too good to be true.

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