Easy Summer Dinner


Easy Summer Dinner

My friend Sybil shared some of her garden with us this week. One of the contents of the basket of delights was yellow squash. I haven’t been cooking much lately but I really got inspired and was craving some home cooking. Fred has been helping me out in the kitchen and together we got this one going in about 15 minutes. The cooking took another 20 minutes, so by the time we sat on the porch and had a glass of wine, dinner was ready. I am going to give you a general recipe, but you can change it depending on what you have–the yellow squash could be zucchini, the garbanzos could be any kind of bean you have in the cupboard, and you can feel free to add some fresh corn to the mix. Or, whatever. Usually, when you are cooking it is better to be a little loose about it. Throw it in the pot and have some fun. Measurements aren’t important here, just trying to give you a starting point.

Into a skillet with about 3 T. Of olive oil add
1 large chopped onion. I like Vidalias. With the heat on medium high cook the onion..
After the onion has cooked for about 5 minutes add 4 cloves chopped garlic.
Some fresh chopped basil would be nice here. About 4 T.
Let this cook over medium low heat while you coarsely chop
4 yellow crookneck squash.
Stir the squash around and add
2 cups vegetable broth. Leave the heat on medium. The objective is to let the liquid cook down. Let this cook for 10 minutes then add
1 can garbanzo beans which you have drained and rinsed. I usually just use canned beans for things like this, because it is so easy.
Let the mixture continue to simmer until liquid is almost cooked off, probably another 10 to 12 minutes.
Add 2 coarsely chopped ripe tomatoes. You only want them to heat, not cook.

I had some mashed potatoes on the side with this one, and it was perfect.

Vegan Mashed Potatoes serves 4
I started boiling the potatoes at about the time I added the vegetable broth to the skillet vegetables. Everything timed out great.

Boil 6 good-sized Yukon Golds (my favorites) chopped into fairly large chunks over med heat until soft when poked with a fork. Whether or not you peel them is up to you.
Drain off the water and set back on heat for just a minute to evaporate any extra water.
Add 3 T Earth Balance. (Better than butter)
Salt to taste.
Start mashing with a potato masher.
Add 1/4 cup soy milk to make them creamy. Could be more or less, depending on how you like them.
Mash until fluffy. ( you can also use a mixer, but for small amounts, I usually do by hand.)

So, there you have it. It is the season of great bounty, and a perfect time to lighten up, eat healthy, and know that no animals were harmed in the preparation of your dinner.
When you eat, love yourself and love your planet.

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