Fred’s Continental Potato Salad


Fred’s Continental Potato Salad

The Sunday before Labor Day we had a few close friends over. I decided to relax a bit and allow salmon to be grilled, much to Fred’s delight. (I picked up a mock crab cake for myself at Whole Foods to stay in the seafood spirit). So, Andrew, Kyle and Fred were the grillmeisters, adding some skewered vegetables, and Andrew came through with some grilled peaches for dessert. Candace and Keith brought some lovely wine, and Keith walked in with a centerpiece of flowers from his garden. Thanks to a rainy day, the temperature on our porch was perfect as the afternoon drifted into evening.
Fred and I spent a couple of hours making some side dishes before people arrived. We had the coleslaw that I usually make for tacos, the stewed tomatoes that I told you about a few days ago (which I knew Andrew would love), and potato salad. Fred had volunteered to help with the cooking, and the potato salad was his assignment. He researched a recipe from Julia Child, but put some of his own spin on it. It was fabulous. The perfect potato salad, and I’m glad we have some left over for lunch.
So, without further ado, here is

Fred’s Continental Potato Salad
About 2 lbs of red potatoes. Trim the eyes out, but don’t peel. Cut into chunks, and boil until tender, but don’t overcook.
Drain the potatoes and allow them to cool.
In a small bowl mix with a wire whisk
2 T apple cider (or white wine) vinegar
1 1/2 T good French grainy mustard
2 tsp salt (you might want to add a little more salt to your own taste)
Ground black pepper to taste
1 T sugar
Now slowly whisk in
6 T olive oil
Chop very finely and mix with the potatoes
6 small green onions (remove most of the green stalks)
3 small celery stalks
Add the dressing.
This will serve 6 to 8 people.
Bon appetit!

4 thoughts on “Fred’s Continental Potato Salad

  1. This is the type of potato salad I love with no mayo. It’s the French way and I love it! Of course, in France, they call it German Potato Salad!

    • Marisa, I haven’t forgotten you. I hope all is well with you and Douglas. Fred and I have retired and are spending our time just enjoying life. If you guys are ever in Nashville, please let us know.

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