Miss Gay Tennessee America Pageant, Part 2. Miss Gay Memphis America, Iris Le’Fluer


Miss Gay Tennessee America Pageant, Part 2. Miss Gay Memphis America, Iris Le’Fluer

Before I continue with the presentation of the preliminary winners for the Miss Gay Tennessee America Pageant, which will be held in Nashville at Play on September 15, I’ll tell you a bit about the categories that the contestants compete in. They make their initial appearance in an introductory walk across the stage and down the runway called Presentation. This is where they tell the audience (and judges) a little bit about themselves and have a chance to show off their personalities. The category of Male Interview is not seen by the audience. This takes place before the performance part of the pageant begins and for this one the contestants appear before the judges as their male selves. They are asked questions about their lives without the wig. There are two talent presentations. One is Solo Talent where only the performer is on stage and works solo and there is the Production Number, which usually involves back-up dancers, props–the bigger the show the better.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the other two categories, Evening Gown and Question and Answer. But right now I’d like you to meet another of the beautiful preliminary winners, Iris La’Fluer, Miss Gay Memphis America. (The first alternate for Miss Gay Memphis America is Tyra Hunter. I have seen her perform before and I know she will bring it. She is a great dancer.)
Iris “comes from a small country town but has big city dreams.” He knew early on that he was a born queen. “When I was little I used to dress up in my mom’s clothes and do shows for my grandmother. I always wanted to hit the stage!” The rest is history, or I should say, her story, because Iris has been performing ever since. She started entering pageants in 2010 and has placed first or second alternate in every pageant she’s entered–except for the ones where she has been crowned the winner. Her most exciting win is the title of Miss Gay Memphis America, and that is what she will be competing as in the upcoming Miss Gay Tennessee America pageant. Her greatest cheerleaders have been her partner of three years, Chris, and her mother, who has been her dresser and has appeared in her talent. Her mother and her grandmother are the real women who have inspired her the most.
Looking into the future, Iris says that the title of Miss Gay Tennessee America is something she won’t give up on. She is considering several possibilities for life without the wig as well. One of those is becoming a makeup artist, where she could put her skills to good use. Iris gives special credit to two former Miss Gay Tennessee Americas, Anita MsCocktail and Pat McCooter have been especially helpful to her during this particular pageant experience.

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