Pageant. Day Two. Let the Games Begin.


Pageant, Day Two. Let the Games Begin.

Today the action started at the Millennium Hotel in St Louis. The day began with all the candidates being divided into groups which determines who does what, when. My friend, Suzy, was quite pleased to be in Group Three. This means that today will be Male Interview. This involves coming across as a very together dude (who just happens to wear gowns and wigs). I have no doubt that Arnold (Suzy) will do well with this category, as he, in fact, is a very together dude. Tomorrow the Group Three contestants will do their main talent number. I can’t tell you what his talent number is today, as this is very top secret. I have, however, watched the rehearsal and I can tell you it is pretty cool.
On Friday, the job will be Solo Talent and Evening Gown. So, this is the schedule for Group Three. The guys in Groups One and Two will do these same categories, but at different times. All of this happens today, tomorrow, and Friday. Saturday night some of the awards will be presented and the former Miss Gay Americas who are here will be performing. (Kirby Kolby is in the house!)
I thought you might like to meet a couple of the other contestants. At the top of the page you see Arnold/Suzy with Dextaci, from Monroe,Louisiana. This young man does an incredible impersonation of Wynonna Judd. I saw him do this last year and thought he was lip-syncing. But, no, he was singing in his own voice. For his day job, Dex works in a bank.
I also enjoyed meeting Miss Gay California, Paju Monro. He is a very handsome guy and I’m sure is going to have some serious wow factor in a wig and makeup. And, yes, I’m sure he’ll shave before he hits the stage. When he isn’t doing his thing, Paju is a flight attendant.
Arnold is almost dressed now for male interview. White shirt, tie, slacks, blazer; crisp, handsome, dude.


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