Pageant. Day Three. It Takes a Village


Pageant. Day three. Team Wong; It Takes a Village.

It would be extremely hard for me to explain what a Miss Gay America pageant is like to someone who has never seen one. The intensity is amazing, especially when someone is truly here to take home the crown. Team Wong consists of five dancers, a makeup artist, a producer, a prop guy (not pictured), a personal assistant, a costume manager, a pair of the world’s most supportive parents. And me.
Today was filled with sound checks and rehearsals. I was blown away by Sally Sparkles, the current Miss Gay America, who choreographed a number with 52 performers in less than an hour. These people are pros.
Now I am supposed to be sleeping because Arnold’s talent will happen at 1 AM. But, as you can see, I am wide awake.
Everyone here is totally cranked up. All day, everyday, for a week, activity is buzzing. These people aren’t here to play. This is dead serous.
And so, Team Wong moves forward. Don’t let the glitter and rhinestones
fool you – Suzy is a force of nature. Eyes on the prize.
POSTSCRIPT. I did get a nap. Then two cups of coffee with dinner. Full speed ahead.



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