Pageant. Day Six. Backup Dancers.


Pageant. Day Six. Backup Dancers.

This hotel is full of people in all stages of costumes. Yes, of course, the competitors are here, but some of the most colorful are the backup dancers. One category of the pageant is simply called “Talent.” It can be done solo, but most competitors choose to take full advantage of the opportunity to produce a spectacle and bring a team of dancers with them. At this moment – 6:05 PM on Sunday evening – no one knows who made the top ten. Those are the competitors whose dancers who will perform again tonight. By this time the pageant has reached a fever pitch of nerves, so thick you could cut it with a knife.
I wanted you to meet a couple of the backup dancers who have crossed myrrh this week.
Elias Ramiro, pictured at the top of this page is a fashion designer in NYC, who came to St Louis to be a backup dancer for Truly Fabu. Elias is originally from Hawaii.
Miraj Jolie, is dancing for Laquitia Rodriguez, in her talent number from Cats. He is from Pennsylvania, and works at Body Central in Reading.
I am finishing this post at 1:15 AM. Good news is that both Truly and Laquitia made top ten, so both these kids got to dance tonight.


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