TINY BUT MIGHTY. A Thanksgiving story…


TINY BUT MIGHTY. a Thanksgiving story

Marcia Masulla and I became friends almost immediately. We bonded over our matching politics and our love of animals and similar vegan lifestyles. Marcia was part of a couple — Marcia and Chico, her very small white chihuahua. I loved it when Marcia brought Chico over, and I actually had a big “doggie-crush” on that cute little guy. I loved his tiny little toes and his cute little tongue, which he frequently stuck out in photos. Marcia could get him to do anything in photos. The best was one of him sitting on a tiny bike. I don’t know how she did it, but that dog was a rockstar model.
As we all have to deal with, we will (hopefully) outlive our pets. Having had three dogs make the journey to that big backyard in the sky, I know there is no greater sorrow. Chico was in his later years and had developed a heart condition. In true Tiny but Mighty fashion there were several times when it seemed he was at the end, but would then bounce back.
Earlier this month Chico’s little heart got the best of him and he passed. I was so sorry and I was so concerned for Marcia. Thankfully, she has another pup, Bellini, who I’m sure has been a huge blessing and help. A few days after Chico passed Marcia called me out of retirement to design an urn pendant for Chico’s ashes. I was happy to do this and Edward at Margaret Ellis Studio executed the design perfectly.
While she was at my house that night she told me that in Chico’s memory she was going to start the Tiny but Mighty Fund to raise money for the Nashville Humane Shelter. Being Marcia, she did just that and reached her goal of $10,000 in the first week, thanks to friends and businesses who came through.
This project will continue until 12/18. I know that it is now at $11,000 and still growing. If you have ever loved a dog I encourage you to contribute…even a little means a lot.
It has been such an inspiration to see my sweet friend, Marcia, take her personal heartbreak and turn it into such a loving tribute to the original Tiny but Mighty, Chico.
Here is the link http://www.crowdrise.com/TinyButMighty

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