Love for a Lifetime

There are some events in our lifetimes that warrant a formal celebration. Personally, I think a marriage is very near the top of the list. It is nothing less than a miracle when two people fall in love, and commit to sharing their lives with each other. I have been very excited to see my LBTG (just thought I’d shake it up a bit) friends have the door to this experience opened to them. While we are a long way from the finish line –Marriage Equality nationwide– we are getting there, one state at a time.
I recently had the great honor of officiating at the celebration of a legal marriage that took place in Washington, DC. The couple, John Cooley and Alan Bennett, had been together for several years, and were more than ready to “tie the knot.” While they had to go out of state to make it legal, they wanted to celebrate in Nashville with their friends. And celebrate they did, thanks to the beautiful planning by Lance DuPre. The scene, Marathon Motorworks, was transformed into a winter wonderland, the food was lovely, the music and dance perfect, and a good time was truly had by all.
It was so special to me to have an opportunity to introduce the grooms to the crowd, and to say a blessing over their union. Who knows, I might just get myself ordained (I hear it’s not too hard to do) so that when Tennessee wakes up and makes it legal, I’ll be good to go. There is no joy like celebrating love for a lifetime.


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