Zipolite. The First Few Days.


Zipolite. The First Few Days…..

We arrived in Mexico on December 14. I can hardly believe that we are here until the end of March. Over the past 20 years we have vacationed in Mexico for 2 to 3 weeks almost every winter. Each time we have been here I have felt it is the place I want to be forever. That is a remarkable realization. There are some things that it is very good to figure out: what you want to do to earn a living, who you want to spend your life with, and where you want to live on this planet. I don’t know how we’ll figure it out but I know that Mexico is where I want to spend most of my time. Happily, Fred loves it, too.
This trip we are in Zipolite, a small beach town on the Pacific coast in Oaxaca state. It is big enough that there are several restaurants and bars, and small enough to have no traffic on the main street. There are not many Americans who come here. Most of the tourists are Canadian and European, as well as many Mexicans on vacation.
We are staying at Las Casitas, a wonderful collection of palapa-roofed little houses on the hillside, looking down at the ocean. I lack words to describe how beautiful it is. The proprietors, Paco and Javier, are guys we met when we visited this part of Mexico before. They have my favorite restaurant in Mexico, La Providencia, right here in Zipolite. I was thrilled to learn (when I was looking for a place to rent in Zipolite) that they had added Las Casitas to their enterprise, providing not only a stylish restaurant, but also a lovely place to stay, and I have not been disappointed. We decided to extend our trip and come earlier then we had originally booked, so we have spent the first 10 days in the biggest house on the property, where they live during the slow season. We move today to a smaller one, and I’m sure we’ll love it, too. Staying in this wonderful house has been like my fantasy of the perfect Mexican house. It is so comfortable and filled with atmosphere. Paco is the chef at La Providencia, so the shelves are filled with cookbooks. Javier is an artist, and many of his wonderful portraits are in this house. Everything is open-air, so the inside and the outside become one. If you are a close friend of ours in Nashville, you have spent a summer evening with us on our back porch, so you know how well that suits us.
So far, we have been eating two meals a day at home and going out for one. I enjoy cooking here, and will be writing more about that in future posts.
I am going to close for now–more to come……hasta mañana.

3 thoughts on “Zipolite. The First Few Days.

  1. Dear Margaret, My Name is Jim Marshall. I am an old friend of Carol ( Carol-Ann to me – it’s a “Mommie Dearest” thing) Ashworth in Nashville. Of course your name has come up in her conversations with me for years ! On her recent weekend stay with me she relayed your adventure with the Miss Gay Tennessee entourage. I am now your biggest new fan ! I am so taken with this place where you all are staying. Sometime in the future I would love to get some more details from you in hopes of maybe a future visit there. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

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