Pinky’s Mexico Adventure

We had no idea what it might be like to bring Pinky to Mexico with us for 3 1/2 months. We just knew without a doubt that there was no way we could leave her at home for that long. It has been wonderful. She has adapted and not looked back. She has made a great doggie friend, Oliva, who comes by every morning and gives her a kiss. Staying at Las Casitas has been perfect for her because the property is all enclosed and she can explore a bit, which she likes to do first thing every morning. She always wants “Mommy” to be at the top of the hill watching her while she dashes around up and down the paths. Unfortunately, she has found some sort of bush that she likes to rub against and comes in with burs all over her. She has had more baths since she’s been here than she’s had in her entire lifetime. She has ridden on the floor of very small taxis, and in the local collectivos. She has learned about going to the beach–but does not want to go in the water. She has been perfectly behaved in restaurants, and even went to a party. She has slept with us under the mosquito net. She has been well-received by most everyone, and many people have been very curious about what kind of dog she is. “Qué raza?” I think the heat at times has gotten to her, as it has to us, but she hasn’t complained. A little while ago Fred and I were packing. She looked a bit concerned, and we realized that watching us pack has always meant she would be left behind. She probably thinks that Fred and I are off to New York and perhaps Javier will be her “sitter.” She might not mind that, as the two of them really do have a thing going on. But, no, Pinky, we are all going to get on a plane tomorrow and head home. You will probably be surprised to see your own backyard. You’ll miss Oliva’s visits, and you will wonder why no mosquito net. And I am convinced that if you are cool with Pochutla (the commercial town a few miles from here where there is an ATM–packed with people and cars), you could definitely handle street life in New York. Times Square? No problema. More travels to come.

2 thoughts on “Pinky’s Mexico Adventure

  1. Be very thankful she doesn’t like the water! Our lab promptly drank some as soon as she got to the beach. It wasn’t pretty. We almost had to replace the carpet in the house we were renting! Safe travels.

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