You know how Americans love the 4th of July? Fireworks and things? Multiply that by 10 and you have an idea of a Mexican celebration. Come to think of it, it seems that every time we arrive in Mexico, no matter where we go, some sort of all-night party is about to happen. Makes me feel like they are always glad to see us.
Well, we didn’t know we were arriving on the day before San Miguel Day–the celebration of the anniversary of the town. Sylvia, our housekeeper, gave us a warning when we first arrived. We were to expect people in costumes dancing in the street (that is to happen later today) and what I understood to mean fireworks. She said the fireworks would be over at 6. I thought she meant 6 in the afternoon. Wrong, 6 in the morning! All communication with Sylvia is done in Spanish, so there is room for a little misunderstanding. The fireworks started late yesterday and went on all night. Since we are right in the Centro, it seemed they were right outside our house. Pinky was very upset, and spent the night under the bed. We went to sleep around 5 this morning, and slept until 10. When we woke up, we all felt fine, and Pinky seems back to her laid-back self.
Just as I was about to make breakfast, Sylvia arrived with a bag of baked goods that were so delicious. I broke my rules about gluten-free and had a lovely treat with my coffee. Then we went out for a morning walk and as we stepped out the door, a man leading two burros loaded with packs was walking by. Then as we turned the corner we saw about 100 people coming up the street carrying all sorts of costumes and headdresses. They must be the dancers for the street festival tonight. I learned that whenever I leave the house, I must take my camera. It rained while we were on our walk, so we waited inside a doorway along the street. We are here at the end of the rainy season.
When we got back from the walk I decided to take my camera and go out for a while to get a picture for today’s post. Sure enough, right in front of our house, a truck was being unloaded with people carrying enormous headdresses. I am not exaggerating when I say that things here are not done half-way. I am looking forward to the dancing this afternoon. This trip may be causing me to miss the Miss Gay America Pageant in Nashville, but I think I am getting a drag show after all.


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