The other afternoon I wasted an hour watching a “webinar” advertised on FaceBook (yes, I am a sucker) about blogging. It was a sales pitch to sell me information on how to use my blog to make money. While it is against my religion to turn down money, the one thing I realized is that making money is not why I do this little blog. It is a fun raiser, not a fund raiser.
I write these posts to share my love of Mexico, healthy eating, and crazy glamour. I would love for you to click “follow” on here, because it makes me feel really good when WordPress gets excited about my stats. But, what I really hope to accomplish is making you fall in love. My current mission is sharing our adventures in Mexico with you. I want to make you curious, and hope you will plan your own adventure here.
So, of course, I was absolutely thrilled to get a message the other day that our friends, Kirk and Missy, had decided to come to San Miguel. They are staying at a beautiful small hotel near our house and it was fun to have dinner with them last night. This evening we’ll be having them over for cocktails on our roof. I have a feeling they are falling in love with San Miguel, just as we did on our first visit here.

3 thoughts on “SHARING THE LOVE

  1. Missy and Kurt are both great – happy you all had the opportunity to visit with each other. Hoping you and Fred are doing well!

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