ThIs is a picture of the Instituto Nacionál de Belles Artes, originally built in 1755 as a cloister of a convent. It became an art school in 1937. It is quite a grand structure, with many classrooms opening into the courtyard. And, one of those large classrooms is used as a yoga studio. I was invited to join the classes by Jody Hicks. (Remember I told you Fred and I met a couple who live here on our way down?) I resisted a bit at first, because I had a really awkward yoga experience in Nashville early this summer. I went to a class at a place with “power yoga” in the name. That should have tipped me off, right? Due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up in the front row of the class. The room was filled with people in their athletic primes, and even though it was an intermediate class, they were action-packed. I realize that this kind of yoga is just what some people are looking for. Different strokes for different folks, and to each his or her own. I just passed that exit years ago. It wasn’t my first yoga class, but I decided it might be my last.
I really love yoga, and I have done it for years. I didn’t start until I was in my fifties, and as with everything I do, I was gung-ho. Then I started to get tired of going to classes, got my own little routine together, and just did it at home. I reached a point where I felt a very competitive atmosphere in classes, and it was off-putting to me. I also had reached a point where I saw a potential for injury involved, and that is the last thing I need.
Jody assured me that this class would be the opposite of all that. Her husband, Carlos, agreed. He loves the class as well. So, I decided to give it a go, and have now been twice. I am hooked. The room is quite beautiful, and most of the people there are in my age group (physically, not chronologically–I remain about 15 years older than the average, I’m sure). Most are females, but there are some very non-macho males. The teacher is Mexican (I think– certainly Latin American), but teaches in English. This yoga is all about deep stretches. Not any fancy moves or contortions. Very introspective mood. No stress. No struggle. No fashion. No woo-woo. I leave feeling just fine. And then, we go out to breakfast.

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