There is an expression in Mexico, “La Media Naranja.” Literally this means half the orange, but like most things in español, it isn’t a literal translation. It simply means, the better half, or soul- mate. It sometimes seems that the world is full of people who are looking for the other half of the orange.
I had a long text conversation the other day with a very dear friend and the topic finally boiled down to that question everyone has asked at one time or another, “Do I deserve to be loved?”
One thing I have learned about life is how insecure most people are. Even the ones who seem on top of everything are at times going through internal wars that would completely surprise you.
There are people who say, “I have no regrets.” I never believe them. My biggest regret is that I didn’t start to really love myself until my middle years. I regret that I spent so much of my youth in a destructive relationship and that I chose to allow another person to make me miserable.
I would wish that all the people I love and care about would grasp how lovely they are, whether or not they have found the other person who is their “media naranja.” I know how hard it is to find that person, but please don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t appreciate you.
Perhaps the best way to find your “media naranja” is to first believe that you are, in fact, already whole.
You can start the process of completion today, just by loving yourself for who you are—right now. Not the person you hope to become; not the person who is going to be richer, smarter, slimmer, more fabulous, whatever. No. Love yourself right now. Your imperfect, wonderful self.
As the great Cindy Lauper says so eloquently, “Let your true colors come shining through…you are as beautiful as a rainbow.”
The best part of having a soulmate is having someone to share your life with. Go ahead and start making that life. Treasure and enjoy it. Get up every morning and make the choice to be happy. And, just as you finally realize that you are pretty perfect, just as you are, you are likely to find another imperfectly perfect person who is looking for someone just like you. You won’t need to change yourself and you won’t need to change them.

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