Prison Art


Today Fred and I were out doing errands and we walked past a shop that had caught my eye a few days ago. The name of the shop was Prison Art, and I found that intriguing. I had no idea what I would see there. Mostly handbags. If you know me at all you know I have a serious weakness for just that item. But this is so much more than handbags. This is a wonderful concept. The bags are crafted by Mexican prison inmates and the sales proceeds are used for their support and rehabilitation, and to help their families. The themes for the paintings on the bags are traditional tattoo art. When the prisoners are released, they have a skill and can have a better chance to contribute to society. One such person is now doing large paintings that are sold in the shop. The shop provides a marketplace for these talented artists.
Of course, they had me with the concept, but the bags are truly awesome. It took me a while to make a choice, but I bought the one that really spoke to me. I will enjoy it for a long time, and it is a pleasure to know that I have helped to support this project. You can learn more about it by liking their FaceBook page, Prison Art.

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