Reasons I Love to Live in Mexico. The Thirty Day Challenge.

Reason Number 3….Winter Doesn’t Suck


Why I Love to Live in Mexico. The Thirty Day Challenge
Reason Number 2….Winter Doesn’t Suck

I know it takes all kinds of people and maybe you are one of those who loves winter. You are dreaming of a white Christmas and love 6″ of snow. What you are probably getting most of the time is temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s and gloomy, cloudy days and if the precipitation does freeze it just turns to slushy ice that you have to scrape off your car before you go out to slip and slide all over the road. At least that has always been my experience of winter in the southeastern US of A. For many years my life included winter trips to New York, (and sometimes Baltimore) where I completely froze my ass off. The buildings created wind tunnels, and it was an effort to be on the street. For one of those trips we were snowed into the Plaza Hotel for days during a major storm that happened sometime in the late 20th century.
Well, I don’t like winter. Escaping it has been the major motive for Fred and me to take a trip every January for the past 20 years to Mexico. We always went to beaches and had glorious, very warm, sometimes very hot, sunny weather. I never was ready to get on the plane to return to winter’s torment.
Experiencing winter in San Miguel is different from a bit of time on the beach. It is high in the mountains right in the heart of Mexico and winter here is more like what you experience in California. The days are absolutely blissful. A long-sleeved tee shirt, jeans, sandals and sunglasses work great. When the sun goes down it gets chilly and you need a jacket to go out to dinner. You can sleep well under a blanket. We have only used our fireplace once. By early morning, it is pretty brisk, but then the sun makes its daily appearance and all is right with the world. The sky is so blue that in photos it looks super-saturated, but that is really how it looks. Some days there are a few scattered white clouds, forming patterns in the blue, blue sky. Once in a while a day will be overcast, but not often. We have had rain once since the end of October, and that happened in the middle of the night. With weather like this, when you walk out the door your spirit rises like a balloon. Our housekeeper comes in at ten in the morning and says, “Hace mucho frió.” I say, ” Usted no sabe lo que es frió,” and we both laugh.

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