The 30 Day Challenge. Why I Love to Live in Mexico. Reason #3..The Colors

Thirty Day Challenge..Why I Love to Live in Mexico. Reason #3…The Colors.

This is the thing about Mexico that never ceases to inspire me. The colors here are amazing. This has been true of every place in Mexico we have ever visited. I am sure the sunlight plays a part in the intensity of the colors. I like to think of the spirit of a people who create this colorful world. It seems to me that it is very hard to be in a bad humor when your surroundings are so full of vibrant, saturated color.
Everything is defined by color. The clothes the people wear, the things you see in shop windows, the fruits and vegetables in the markets, the crafts, the textiles, the art work—everything is color. Not pastels, not neutrals, but super-pigmented color that seems to work no matter what colors are beside each other. Some of the buildings are covered with bright murals. Most of the houses in Centro are painted in a range of intensified earth tones. When these are combined with the abundant flowers that are everywhere, from the rooftops to the windowsills, it can be breathtaking. Even though I have walked down some of these streets many times, each time I go out I see something new and wonderful. This phenomenon of color has been true everywhere I have been in Mexico, but no where has it been as amazing to me as it it is San Miguel. Being here is like living inside of a painting.

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