The 30 Day Challenge. Why I Love to Live in Mexico. Reason #5 Sometimes the Sadness Teaches Me to Open my Heart

I find myself surrounded by beauty here. I also am aware that there are people here who are just trying to survive. There are several older ladies who are beggars on the street here. You see the same woman on the same street each day. I don’t know their stories, but their presence touches my heart. I can’t give pesos to every beggar. Sometimes when we walk by we do. Sometimes we don’t. Some people might view these ladies in a cynical way and say, “They are professional beggars. That is what they choose to do. They actually collect quite a bit of money from tourists.” When I first started coming to Mexico it made me very uncomfortable to see these ladies. I have reached a point of just knowing I can’t fix it. But, I hope I never reach a point where I just don’t see it.


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