The Thirty Day Challenge. Why I Love to Live in Mexico. Reason #6 Silvia


One of the reasons I will be sad to leave San Miguel is this lovely young woman. Silvia Martinez. Silvia is our housekeeper and she is such a joy each time she comes. She is fast and efficient and always seems happy to be doing her job. Silvia is employed by the person we rent from. She comes with the house. When we first arrived we got her to babysit with Pinky a few times, until we thought Pinky was used to being here. It was extra money for her, but I also think she probably enjoyed having some quiet time to herself, as I think she lives with her large family. At first it was a little hard for me to adjust to having a housekeeper every day. That is certainly not part of my Nashville lifestyle. The fact that she doesn’t speak English has been very good for me, as I speak to her everyday in Spanish–good practice. She is very patient. I will really miss her when we leave. We have rented a different, bigger house for next year. There will be a housekeeper, but I can’t imagine she will be as awesome as Silvia.

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