The 30 Day Challenge. Why I Love to Live in Mexico. Reason #8. Things Do Not Have to Make Sense


You might be walking down the street in this town and see a sight you just haven’t seen before. In fact, it is probably a sure bet to guarantee it will happen. I could give you a list, but I will just give you this one example. Today Fred and I had been out to eat a little lunch and walked back home through the square. At one end of the street there was a group of several men, and one woman, on the backs of what looked like some unusually big horses. They were dressed like cowboys/girls and had bandanas over their faces. They were also carrying some sort of sticks that I think were supposed to look like guns. Now let me stop right here and say there was nothing threatening about this situation. It was obviously some sort of stunt. People were (like me) taking pictures. But, what the hell was going on? I asked a policeman, forgetting that part of the conversation where someone thinks you actually speak Spanish and answers your question. But, truth is, I don’t think he had a clue. We walked on up the street and it suddenly hit me…things don’t have to make sense. At least they don’t have to make sense to me. I’m just along for the ride. And sure enough, later in the afternoon we got in the car to go buy dog food for the rest of our trip….and……on the side of the road in front of a church we saw the cowboy people, a brass band, a car decorated with flowers, the white donkey that always leads the wedding parades, and the big bride and groom puppets. Mystery solved. The cowboy people were part of the wedding. I have no idea how they were part of the wedding, but it doesn’t matter. It does not have to make sense. I have spent most of my life trying to make sense out of things. I have rarely succeeded. Now I seem to have reached a state of mind where I just take it for whatever it is. I don’t try to figure it out. As the great comix artist R. Crumb would say, “It don’t mean shit, Mr. Natural.”

3 thoughts on “The 30 Day Challenge. Why I Love to Live in Mexico. Reason #8. Things Do Not Have to Make Sense

  1. Wow. All of your reasons have been interesting and well put (and beautifully illustrated!), but this one is almost disturbingly insightful. It suggests to Kate and me that maybe the key reason to love living as and where you are now is that it can spur this sort of realization. Bravo!

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