The 30 Day Challenge. Why I Love Living in Mexico. Reason #12. Beach Vendors


First of all. I am aware my 30 Day Challenge is expanding over quite a few more than 30 days. There is something about being in Mexico, especially on the beach, that makes me realize what “Mañana” is all about. Nothing is so important that it can’t wait until I am in the mood. So here goes with Reason #12:
I love beach vendors. Sometimes the best shopping can be done right on the beach. I am sort of an odd shopper though…I don’t try to bargain people down. I figure this is what they do to earn a living and why should I take pride in screwing them out of a couple of bucks. However, sometimes I know they are starting out with a price that is way too much and they open the door to the bargaining process. Then, if I do really want it and I agree the first price is too high, I will play the game. Sure, sometimes they kinda get on my nerves, especially when the same person approaches me several times in the same afternoon. Maybe they are working on that old sales strategy that says it takes 10 “nos” to get one “yes.” They just think it might work after they have gotten 10 “nos” from the same person.
My favorite vendors are the Mayans from Chiapas. The women (usually young) come to the beaches all over Mexico with their local crafts. They sell what they bring from their South Mexican homes and then take a long bus trip back to re-stock. They wear the black wool long skirts and brightly colored blouses. They are so beautiful to me. I am shy to take their pictures because they usually don’t want you to. On former trips to beaches in Mexico I have formed a couple of friendships on the beach with vendors from Chiapas. For that reason our house in Nashville is pretty full of stuffed woolen animals. I am trying to hold off on this trip from buying things that come from Oaxaca or Chiapas as we will be visiting both of those states soon.
I am rather amazed as I watch beach vendors deal with constant rejection. They just keep moving on. Sometimes they remind me of myself when I first started selling my jewelry. I never engage with a beach vendor unless I’m pretty sure I want to buy something. They are not on the beach to amuse me with a “just looking” shopping trip. I would feel really badly about wasting their time.
Some people get all in a wad about beach vendors. They are the same people who should only come to Mexico if they are going to stay behind fences at fancy resorts. As you probably know by now, I have lots of thoughts about that…..perhaps I will express later.

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