A Delightful Surprise

This is my first post since sitting on the beach on Puerto Vallarta. Now back in Nashville since April 2. But, this post isn’t about Mexico at all. It is truly about Margaret Ellis Around the House. 

And about losing things. And about finding things. 

Fred and I have lived in the same house for over 35 years. The house has an attic and a basement. That gives you a lot of opportunities to squirrel your things away and add to the piles.

In the past few days I have taken it on to go through the kinds of things we have stored…..the old “give away?, keep?, or sell?” routine. Also, in this case, “trash” is also a big option.

Somewhere around 1980, before I started Margaret Ellis Jewelry , Fred and I took a trip to Houston. While we were there we went to Tiffany’s where he bought me a great pair of silver earrings by Elsa Perretti. She was one of the very few women who were designing fashion/art jewelry at that time and I was a great admirer. I loved those earrings and wore them almost constantly in 1980-1983.

A few years later I started designing my own jewelry and only wore things that I had designed in order to promote myself. At some point, I thought of those earrings and realized I hadn’t seen them in a while. When I looked for them where I thought I had put them they just weren’t there. I did a pretty good job of looking in all my “hidey-holes but never found them. These earrings meant a great deal to me and I felt very sad that I had somehow misplaced them. In fact, I’ve been thinking of them quite often now that I’ve retired and no longer sell my own jewelry and I am  wearing all sorts of fun things from here and there. Many days lately I’ve wished I could wear those earrings. 

Today when I started my project of searching through the attic, the first thing I saw was a cruddy looking grocery sack, jammed with what seemed to be total junk. My first thought was to just throw it away, but then I thought that even on a really sloppy day I would never put a sack of trash in the attic. There had to be some reason I choose to save what was in that sack. So, I went through it. I was right, mostly junk. But, “mostly” is the key word, because at the bottom of the sack was a small zipper bag and in a little  side pocket I found my Tiffany earrings from Fred. I have them on as I type this. I am enjoying believing that finding those long misplaced earrings is a sign of good things and unlimited possibilities. 

Why I decided to put that zipper bag in a sack I then put in the attic escapes me. I think it must have been some mistake, perhaps not paying attention to what I was doing. But, believe me, that is the last place I would have ever thought to look. I have always thought the best thing to do when you were looking for something was just to let it go, and then you’ll probably find it. 

Going through these old bags and boxes has been a bit like going through many layers of my life’s experiences. After today’s discovery, I am highly motivated to see what else I’ll find. I am taking my time, and enjoying the memories.

4 thoughts on “A Delightful Surprise

  1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    that sounds very good!! good luck for
    finding more hidden treasures!!

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