Age is an Attitude, not a Number.

P1090282 Pinky and I on the beach, shortly before my 71st birthday. Life is a Journey…come along for the ride. The blogging project with WordPress continues. The assignment for this blog post was to write a post for someone who is your “perfect audience.” That is a little hard for me to define, as my blog touches on many subjects. I think my answer is that my perfect audience is a person who can see me in my 70’s as an inspiration that getting older doesn’t have to suck. I am pretty serious about enjoying my life as much as possible. My blog covers my adventures, whether that involves living in Mexico or simply making a wonderful meal, and I hope to have lots of adventures in the days to come. I think one of the secrets to keeping life interesting is simply to keep life interesting. That’s what makes a person of any age attractive. I try not to think of myself as “retired.” I really don’t like that word.  I was a jewelry designer for 30 years and I didn’t start that career until I was forty. I was quite intense about it and in many ways what I did defined who I was. Since selling the business 2 1/2 years ago it has been a bit difficult for me to adjust and reinvent myself. That project of self-invention and reinvention is not finished and it never will be. However, the fact that I have stopped working has been very freeing to me. I would like to think I am incubating my next chapter. And this chapter involves doing things just for the joy of doing them. (How nice not to be concerned about selling something to someone). I frequently hear people who are much, much younger than me grousing around about how “old” they are. “I’m so old!” is not uncommon for me to hear from the mouths of those whose adulthood is pretty much just beginning. I find that when I tell people how old I am, they sometimes seem surprised and react by saying that they had thought I was much younger. Guess what…I think I’m much younger, too. And, that’s the secret. I have never said to anyone, “I am getting old.” I never think about whether something is “age appropriate” or not. I just think about if it is comfortable for me…whether it is something I am going to wear, or a situation I am going to be in. I am the first to admit that I am motivated to look and feel as good as I possibly can. I am careful about what I eat, I exercise, and I do the maintenance things (within reason) that are available to me. But, the main thing, and the most important thing, is that I simply will not talk about “getting old.” I won’t indulge in those conversations. I don’t want to listen to anyone else talk about “getting old.” Especially not if you are 25 years younger than me! I do hope I find my “perfect audience”—-someone who enjoys my posts and takes away a bit of inspiration—whether it’s for a good vegetarian meal, a trip to Mexico, or opening their minds to the fascinating diversity of humanity.

9 thoughts on “Age is an Attitude, not a Number.

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. The age you are is a number, the attitude you present & the joy in life that is shared is much more important. You share so much joy.

  2. Okay, but . . . didn’t you just break your own rule? Oh. sorry 🙂 I love that attitude! Now if only the mirror and my body would follow my brain! Keep writing! I’ll keep reading and digesting this positive stuff. 🙂

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