Juana Cata…Immortalized by a Huge Statue

Juana Catalina
This enormous metal statue of Juana Catalina Romero, the heroine of Tehuántepec, known simply as Juana Cata.

This statue stands guard at the entrance of Tehuántepec, a small town in southern Oaxaca. Juana Cata was a woman of power and of fashion. Her style inspired the looks of Frida Kahlo, and the women of southern Oaxaca still dress in the same manner, an homage to her memory and to feminism in Mexico. She devoted herself to helping the people of Tehuántepec, and her legend lives on there. This statue celebrates the woman who was romantically involved with, and strongly influenced, Presidente Porfirio Diaz during the Mexican Civil War. Her presence was so powerful that the town of Tehuántepec remains a matriarchy and women rule the town.

6 thoughts on “Juana Cata…Immortalized by a Huge Statue

    • We traveled for 6 months in Mexico and I didn’t see anything to compare with this. Plus, I have never seen a statue before in this kind of shiny metal. It is quite remarkable.

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