Self-Portrait…a study in lights and shadows

Self-portrait in San Miguel de Allende
Self-portrait in San Miguel de Allende

I enjoy taking self-portraits. Actually, I usually have some help with these from Fred, my faithful shutter pusher.  I fell in love with the lighting and atmosphere in La Mezcalaria, a restaurant in San Miguel with a Oaxacan theme, and thought it would be an interesting place to take pictures. I always make sure the camera settings are the way I want them while I use Fred as a “body double.” Then I turn it over to him, and have him keep shooting until I see one I like, which usually takes dozens of shots to get that right one. But, the real fun for me, in any photo, is PhotoShop. Self-portraits are a way that I explore my state of mind.

The Photo 101 assignment today was a photo with dark shadows and mystery. I immediately thought that this one would be the one to use.

14 thoughts on “Self-Portrait…a study in lights and shadows

  1. You’ve nailed the theme, can you share a simple trick on how you capture such self portrait like this.

    • The lighting that was already in the room did it for me. I set my camera on a really high (6400) iso. No flash. I kept moving around until I got the light to hit my face in a way I liked. Plus, I like having my picture taken. Some people do and some people don’t.

      • so the ISO settings, I’m new to taking pictures, what’s the difference between high iso 100 and high iso as you used? of course I already did some readings in it but I’m still a bit confused…

      • I am no technical expert, but the ISO is usually set so that camera responds best to available night. In bright sunlight, you would probably use an ISO of 200. In a dark place, or at night 6400

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