The Wolf Pack. Don’t Miss It.   (click for a trailer to this film)header

This film  is a strange tale of a family that lives on New York’s Lower East Side. Crystal Moselle has put together her first film, a documentary about six brothers (and a sister) who are raised by their Peruvian father, who happens to be a Hare Krishna, and American mother who home schools them. The only experience they had with the outside world came from watching movies. The father was totally distressed by life as he saw it on the streets of New York and felt that the only way to protect his children was to isolate them from the outside world. Yet he allowed and encouraged them to watch movies. And movies became the most important thing in their lives.

Even though the boys were raised in such an isolated situation—their father was the only family member who had a key to the low-rent apartment where the family lived on welfare—they came across as sensitive, sophisticated, articulate, and extremely creative. The boys eventually started to get out of the apartment and that is when they were seen by Ms. Moselle. They were visually very stunning and she was curious about their story. She was allowed into their world and the result was this beautiful movie. So, the boys who were so enthralled with movies are now in a movie about themselves. I love that.

I highly recommend this film, especially if you like documentaries about out of the ordinary people.

7 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack. Don’t Miss It.

  1. I saw the story on 20/20 last night and I wanted to hug them all, especially the oldest Macunda. That he was so brave! And to see how they live now,it’s a really good story. I hope that I run into one of them on the street one day. And I want to see the movie!

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