My Pal Mary Breen…A Glamour Shot for Today’s Woman

Whether working out on a boxing bag or a computer, Mary Breen is a champion.
Whether working out on a boxing bag or a computer, Mary Breen is a champion

I have always highly valued my girlfriends. I have been blessed over the years by having some pretty fantastic women cross my path, but Mary Breen is truly a one-of-a-kind. Mary is the most tech savvy person I know. This has really been great for me, because I didn't start to even try to figure all this techie stuff out until I was way on the downhill side of the learning curve. I met Mary because she helped me do a website re-vamp for my jewelry business several years ago. We got to be great friends, and she also taught me lots about PhotoShop and how to use DreamWeaver to make minor updates on my website. We always find a way to help each other out….with just about everything. Today Mary needed a photo of herself at the Music City Boxing Gym. Working out there is her new passion. So, we took the photo and then came back to my house to work on it. And then, Mary helped me with some things I've been trying to do with my blog. The thing I like about having Mary help me with computer stuff is that she never acts like a smart ass about knowing so much. She is patient, and she never makes me feel stupid. She doesn't use words I don't understand and she knows how to explain things to me in plain English. She's also fun to hang out and have a glass or two of wine on the porch with, which is exactly what we did after we were both satisfied that we had had a productive day.

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