Avo—Beautiful, Glorious Food

Since today is my birthday I got to pick the restaurant for lunch. (Full disclosure, I usually do pick the restaurant for lunch. Fred is easy.)  I had gotten very interested in Avo, so brand new that it just opened yesterday, and thought our friend, Chef Arnold Myint, might like to join us. When I picked up my phone to text him, I saw that I had a message from him that said, “Let’s go to Avo.” Perfect. So Fred and Arnold and I went there for lunch today and we were all just blown away. The place is very modern, yet not cold. It feels hip, but not trendy. And, thanks to the Chef de Cuisine, Jess Rice, the food is so beautifully done and so tasty, you don’t care if it’s all raw. In fact, you can’t believe it’s all raw. We shared three entrées; the Lasagna, the Pizza, and the Pad Thai. All were very good, but maybe the pizza was the winner. I won’t even try to describe to you how they do a raw food pizza, just trust me on this one. The same goes for the vegan cheese board. All the ingredients are plant-based, gluten-free, and none of the ingredients are processed. These people are not only interested in healthy food, they are doing food as an art form. This is definitely not your old school, hippy-style, vegetarian restaurant. This is cuisine taken to a new level. Fred, who eats vegetarian with me at home but when he goes out it’s Barnyard Beware, said he loved it and would love to eat there again and again. Arnold, who is himself an amazing chef and quite good at vegan, said he loved it because they could do things he didn’t know how to do himself. I think he got inspired. I know he was impressed.

And, as for deserts, well…one picture is worth a thousand words. This is the Key Lime Cheesecake and the Chocolate Cheesecake, both completely non-dairy. They also brought us a bowl of ice cream with three flavors. It was creamy, rich, and totally vegan. I am thrilled that this place is here and I’m starting to think if we are truly going to have a “New Nashville” this is exactly the level of sophistication we need. Oh, and before I forget, they have a lovely wine list and a bar with some very interesting specialty cocktails, including the Avocado Margarita, which we shared along with our glasses of wine. Their menu says they are as passionate about their beverages as they are about their food. This place gets a big smile rating from Fred and Arnold and I. I would highly recommend it, not just to my healthy-eating friends, but to anyone who is looking for a delicious meal and a very nice dining experience.

AVO  at 31st and Charlotte    615-329-2377  Look for a cluster of metal buildings made from shipping containers, on your left as you head out of town.

Tues-Sat 11AM to 10PM  Sunday 10-4  Closed Monday

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