Edward and Mike. Making it Legal.

Edward and Mike had their Commitment Ceremony 22 years ago, but yesterday they really got married in the legal sense of the word. I have known Edward since we started working together in 1983, and have watched him go from the hot, hunky number who came to work in leather shorts and nipple rings to being a loving husband in a beautiful relationship that I have watched deepen over the decades. I have always felt that Edward and his partner, Mike, are just as married as Fred and I are, and should have just as many legal rights as we have. And now, thanks to SCOTUS, they do. Yesterday they made it legal in a simple ceremony with a few friends and family members. Most of us were teary-eyed and all of us were so happy for them. Afterwards we all came over to the porch at Casa Ellis and had cupcakes and champagne.
Mike summed up the whole thing beautifully, and this is exactly how I feel. The Supreme Court ruling not only made their marriage legal, it validated their humanity and identity. All those times when they were growing up and society subtly made them feel “less than” are now done with once and for all. Equal means equal. As good as. A huge battle in the movement for Equality has been won. While there is still a long way to go, I believe that the day is coming when a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity will not be a big deal. So, while there is still much to fight for, I am personally feeling great joy right now. I know that there are many, many couples like Mike and Edward who are “making it legal.” And I also know that there are many LGBT people who may not have partners, and some who perhaps are in no rush to get married, who are feeling validated, accepted, and equal. This ruling was about a lot more than marriage. It was a milestone. It is truly celebration time! And it’s about time, too.

4 thoughts on “Edward and Mike. Making it Legal.

  1. Beautiful post Margaret! I’m very happy for them. I have several dear friends who will also be getting married soon. 🙂

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