Seeing Double

I first saw Dylan Stephens modeling in women’s clothing on a runway show that was part of Nashville Fashion Week. I have enjoyed getting to know him, and photographing him. We did a series of photos using Dylan in a make-believe relationship between two people. Both the male and the female were Dylan. Dylan is a beautiful person who can be drop dead gorgeous as either gender. He has modeled both as a male and as a female. He is also a very fine actor, mostly recently appearing in a short film by Bralyn Stokes, “Silas.”

8 thoughts on “Seeing Double

    • Yes, Dylan is very comfortable in his skin. He sometimes just wears high heels and dresses. (He is about 6’3′ in flat feet). But, he is never “in drag”. He is always just Dylan, being himself. I love him.

      • Yeah I bet he’s great fun to be around! I love people like that. Totally confident in their own skin. Go him. Thank you for introducing us to him.

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