The Secret of Life is Enjoying the Passage of Time

That line, written by James Taylor, has always rung true to me. You can look at it two ways. You can enjoy the passage of time by just being in the moment, and you can also enjoy the fact that times passes and you collect life’s experiences. The passing of time, the birthdays, and the many good things that just being alive has to offer.

We create our reality with our thoughts and our words. This is a concept that I truly believe and that I try to use as a guide to a successful life. As the years pass, I find this way of living to be more important than ever. It is a principle that is absolutely the truth. This is why I just can’t stomach it when people want to start talking about “getting old.” I hate the joke mimes that show up on FaceBook about aging. I hate the stupid birthday cards that start to turn life into some sort of joke after someone is 50. Too many people do this, and too many of them start at an early age. It is a real turn-off to me and I don’t want to be around such conversations. I find myself actively avoiding people who do this. I can’t let it pass without comment. Don’t put me in your “old lady club.” I won’t be wearing purple dresses and red hats with you. Dear God!

I am not delusional. I know the years are passing. I realize that in many ways I am different from the girl I was in my twenties, thirties, etc. But, in most ways, I think I am probably better. I certainly like myself and my life much more. This is a life I have created for myself, and I have done it with my thoughts and my words. (I only wish that I had come to understand this sooner.) I will say this, as one accumulates the years, it does become somewhat harder to have a good attitude about a lot of things. You have to get up every morning and make a conscious decision to have the best attitude and outlook that you possibly can, and that will determine how that day will go for you. Feeling good and looking good at any age requires a bit of work…a bigger bit as the years roll on. Exercise, eat sensibly, put on some makeup–(do what you like to lighten the years. And do it WITHOUT apology) and get on with it.

I’m not living in a dream world, I have to adjust my own attitude frequently. I just can’t be around people who want to inflict their negative thoughts onto me. I especially can’t stomach it when people who are much younger than me start up about how they are “getting old, feeling old, have no energy, etc. and etc.” It is not only unattractive, it is actually toxic. Yes, toxic. Because if you think that way, and speak that way, you are going to steal your own joy and create exactly what you probably don’t want. And, if I hang around and listen to this talk and feel all these negative vibes, then I might let my own thoughts and words go there, too. Negativity can be contageous, and is dangerous to be around.

Maybe it takes too much effort and energy for some people to be positive. I don’t know. I just know that the people I want to be around are people who enjoy life, like themselves, and keep quiet on a bad day. This is not to say that close friends can’t sometimes have honest conversations. Just, please, don’t take me to your pity party.

5 thoughts on “The Secret of Life is Enjoying the Passage of Time

  1. Aging gracefully is my hope and intention – I think it costs a lot of energy to be in either camp but it’s which camp you wanted to be in that makes all the difference. I vote for positivity every time…lets rid the world of negativity there’s too much ‘sad’ in the world as it is without ‘creating’ more.

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