Pinky is the whippet that Fred and I have been fortunate to be the parents of for the past 10 years. We found her via a whippet rescue site, although she came from a breeder who was looking to place her as a pet. She has been the perfect pup for us in every way. She has an amazing, sweet, and loyal personality. She loves both of us, and we truly love her. She is a traveler, and was with us as with drove down and up Mexico for six months. She will be moving to Mexico with us at the end of October. She sleeps with us, eats with us, and is perfectly well-behaved. She rides in the car under my feet in the front seat (while Fred drives). She rarely barks, with the exception of one dog down the alley who she always gives a preemptive woof to as we go for our afternoon walk. She is rather aloof with both other people and other dogs. She still likes to tear around the back yard and gets very excited when Fred and I have been out and we return home. She is the fourth dog that Fred and I have had, and we both agree that she is the very best dog in the entire world. And I love to smell her toes.

6 thoughts on “Pinky

  1. Great portrait of a much loved family member. My Totti hates the camera, unfortunately. He puts his head away when he sees me approaching with it…

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