A Great Evening at La Hacienda. Thanks, Facebook.

I have quite a few friends on FaceBook. Many of them I have never met. But, on this past Saturday evening I met one of my FaceBook Favorites, Victor Guzman. Victor and I have a mutual friend and he saw my posts about our recent travels in Mexico. He sent me a friend request via the page of the family restaurant he manages, La Hacienda, in Franklin, TN. He found our travels and photos interesting, and liked the way I wrote about his wonderful home country. We exchanged a few messages and he invited Fred and I (and Pinky), to visit. We finally got ourselves over to Franklin and had a delightful evening with Victor. We were treated like visiting royals. We invited our good friend, Trinka Dykes, to join us and a good time was had by all. The evening was actually like a short trip to Mexico, and a real selling point to get Trinka to come down for a visit. (“This is what it’s like in Mexico, Trinka. The people are really this nice.”)

The atmosphere in the restaurant is quite festive, and the food was some of the best Mexican I’ve had in the Nashville area. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get quite the royal treatment that we received, but I can promise that you’ll get good service and very well-prepared food. If you love guacamole, then this is the place to go.  Our meal started with Tapatio Tequila, Victor’s recommendation. He just left the bottle on the table for us. (Again, royal treatment.) Then he came table side and whipped up the guacamole, and it was delicious. Creamy, just ripe avocado with herbs, tomatoes, and chopped peppers. (I am a lover of mild guacamole, and when I asked him to hold the peppers he didn’t scold me.) After the guacamole, we each ordered from the extensive menu, which had quite a few things that a vegetarian could order. I had enchiladas that were topped with a bouquet of grilled vegetables. Fred and Trinka both had chicken dishes. Everything was abundant and tasty. I had been thinking of finishing it off with flan, one of my favorites, but that will have to happen on another trip, as I was completely full from my entree.

Victor entertained us during the meal with wonderful stories of his family in Mexico. We enjoyed our conversation with him about the various places we visited. We compared notes on all the indigenous peoples of Mexico, and the various liquors they make. We brought a bottle of good mezcal as a gift for Victor, and he sent us home with the rest of our bottle of Tapatio, a true Mexican tequila that I had never tried before.

This whole encounter is an example of how people can actually meet via FaceBook and become friends in real life. Victor’s hometown in Mexico is not far from San Miguel. We are hoping to see Victor and his family again, perhaps the next time South of the Border.

La Hacienda is located at 1110 Hillsboro Road, Suite 240, Franklin TN.  Give it a visit, and tell Victor I sent you!

3 thoughts on “A Great Evening at La Hacienda. Thanks, Facebook.

  1. that sounds great!!
    when you will come to germany to my place i will topp it with an imperial treatment😜😜😜😜😜💋💋💋💋

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