A Moment of Memories….A Look Ahead.

Yesterday I sat in the chaise on the back deck in the middle of the afternoon.
The movers had emptied the house of the things that are heading before us to Mexico. I had looked at that spot all summer….but, I had been too busy to sit down.
What a glorious perch, with nothing overhead but blue and green.
The trees in early Nashville October are mostly green, but if you watch
you’ll see falling leaves. In the backyard of our place the main tree is the one ancient oak. The last tree left of the old girls. The young maple that started 25 years ago as a twig is doing nicely.
The river birch grove that Fred and I planted 12 years ago is now voluptuous.
It is a succulent day that promises a chill to come, but today it is warm.
In one of the birches there is a fat squirrel nest and a fat squirrel runs up and down the swinging limbs. “You can do worse than be a swinger of birches.”
The squirrels share Fred’s birdbath with the birds, and in the afternoon they congregate in the yard and and porch feels like a cabin in the forest.
I felt a nostalgia slipping over me as I sat on the deck for the last time and I was filled with memories of all the wonderful hours spent on that porch. It is a scrumptious afternoon that promises glory forever, but the sun is fleeting faster than it did in June, and the light has changed. I shed a few tears, but they were more tears of relief than sorrow.
I have wondered many times what I would feel when I slowed down long enough to just be still.
I feel grateful for so many things. I don’t feel sad.
I feel amazed by the adventures ahead of me. I don’t feel afraid.
And I believe that I can fly.

8 thoughts on “A Moment of Memories….A Look Ahead.

  1. I am going to keep this posting close. Thanks Margaret – I needed this. Best of wishes to you and Fred as you embark on this next exciting phase.

  2. I love you, Margaret! I’m so glad that you are my friend. I’m very excited for you guys on this new phase of your lives! I hope to see you again, some day ❤ Happy Trails to you and Fred! xox

  3. Looking forward to meeting you when you arrive in San Miguel! I made “the leap” fifteen years ago. It has certainly been a daring adventure that has expanded my horizons and brought contentment and serenity in ways I did not even know existed. My hope is that it brings to you and your husband as much joy as it has brought to those of us who call San Miguel “home”.! I have written a blog about these adventures for the last eight years. It is called Babsblog. IF and WHEN you have time, you might check it out…….

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