How We Had an Amazing Estate Sale

The guy in the picture is Michael Taylor, one of my new favorite people. This is the back story on our estate sale….you know, the one I pestered you with all last week. It is a huge part of the puzzle entitled, “How we sold our business, sold our cars, sold our house, sold (a lot of) our stuff, and moved to San Miguel. Perhaps you’ll find this story helpful. And, ps, it’s much better to have an estate sale while you’re still alive. Just saying’…….

When Fred and I were working out the details of all that would be involved in our move to Mexico, one of the factors was that we would have a lot of things we wouldn’t take with us. The process of clearing our our attic and basement (not to mention the part of the house that we actually lived in) was so overwhelming that we almost decided to give up on the whole idea.

Having lived in the house together for 35 years, the amount of things we had accumulated was remarkable. It started with the attic. Since it was hotter than hell in the attic, early each morning Fred would bring boxes and bags of things down for me to go through. I did the standard sort–throw away, give away, sell, keep. The throw aways easily filled two dump trucks…I am not exaggerating…one part of the project was a company called 1-800-GotJunk. (Their service was not cheap, but after checking all the options, it seemed like the best way to get the junk out of there.) They hauled away a dump truck and a half. Fred put at least a half a dump truck load gradually in the trash. The give-aways ranged from friends graciously accepting things that they may (or may not) have really wanted to a run to Good Will drop off on a bi-weekly basis. The sells got put into boxes and labeled, “sell.” The keeps got put into boxes and labeled, “take.” When the boxes started to completely fill the house we rented a PODS. (Side note: this was one of our best ideas. It really solved the storage problem and that company really has great customer service.) When we loaded the PODS we put the “takes” on one side and the “sells” on the other.

Finally, around the middle of August, the house was ready to go on the market. Our wonderful agents, Keith Merrill and Jonny Gleaton, were quite helpful in the staging. And then even more stuff went into the PODS. The house sold in less than three weeks, which left just enough time to pack again for the movers to come. The PODS came back to our driveway, after having been stored while the house was on the market. The movers (more about that in a future post) were very efficient, and things were loaded and heading to Mexico on October 7, the same day that the sale of the house closed.

The idea of a sale of our “stuff” had been one part of this whole move that had really felt like a nightmare to me. I was having a very hard time wrapping my head around what that was going to involve. Then a good friend who had previously been in the estate sale business advised us to get in touch with Michael Taylor, “The best in the business.” Well, that kind of recommendation coming from someone who should know (thanks, Carolyn Elam) sounded pretty good. All I can say is that it was wonderful to deal with Michael and his very professional team. The set-up for the sale was on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We didn’t have to do anything but leave them alone. In fact, the contract forbade us to come near the house on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during sale hours. Michael talked to us each day to let us know what was going on. Of course, since I am a control freak who gets very excited about sales, I constantly promoted the sale on FaceBook. Not only was the sale a success (we cleared enough money to pay for the cost of the move and have money left over to buy some things to furnish a house in Mexico), it was also remarkable in other ways. They did a job with the display (which I saw on Wednesday afternoon) that made everything look interesting and attractive. They set the house up like a museum, with things from the basement to the attic. And, they priced everything. At the end of the sale, it was very important to have everything out of the house, because we turned it over to the new owners on the very next day. (Michael Taylor will continue to have the things that didn’t sell on consignment). When we arrived the next day to make sure everything was shipshape, it was. Michael had taken what would have been a monumental job and made it a piece of cake (for us). He certainly earned his commission, and I would highly recommend his service to anyone who is having an estate or moving sale. It just goes to show, any job is better done by the right professional. In the world of estate sales, Michael Taylor is definitely the guy.

Michael Taylor Estate and Moving Sales  615-545-2867

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