La Cucina di Afrodita, a lunch in the country

justin.jpgLast year when we visited in San Miguel de Allende, we met a charming couple from Sicily, who had just moved here and were living out in the country at Rancho Jaguar. We really enjoyed their company and realized very soon that Laura was a spectacular cook. Right about the time we left they had started a catering business, and were beginning to serve meals in their home, which is located close to Atotonilco. Part of the fun of visiting  them is the setting, which is on the property of an amazing nursery of very beautiful desert plants. Chickens and turkeys and various friendly dogs and cats complete the picture…you are really out in the campo.

The  meals that are served at the home of Laura and her handsome husband Justin, have the atmosphere of an intimate party at the home of a friend…a friend who can really cook. We were excited this afternoon to join the group that gathered there for lunch. People are seated at two long tables, and encouraged to chat and visit with each other. You arrive anticipating a wonderful meal, which you will definitely have, and you leave having made new friends. They have a garden there as well, so much of the produce is grown on site. They can comfortably serve about 20 people and focus on late lunches on Saturdays and Sundays, but can be booked for other times as well. There is a welcome cocktail when you arrive, which is served while you mingle with the other guests, and wine is served with the meal. Laura is a magician in the kitchen and Justin turns on the charm in the front of the house. Her kitchen is tiny but the food is a big production, and impeccable. They make everything….the bread, the cheese, even the limoncello. These two are a real gift to San Miguel and if you live here, or if you plan to visit, this is a must-do experience. They have a website as well as a FaceBook page, La Cucina di Afrodita. Check them out for more information. And, by all means get their newsletter.!

The meal today was Tomato Soup with housemade ricotta cheese and fresh baked croutons, followed by Blueberry Risotto with porcini mushrooms that they brought back from Italy. While this sounds like a rather strange combination, just trust me, it works. Next was a gorgeous salad with greens so fresh they seemed to sing, Roasted  Salmon with a wonderful looking pistachio crust and sauce of potatoes (for Fred), an incredible dessert called Blanco y Negro, which involved a puff pastry, whipped cream and chocolate mousse. I have never been a big fan of Limoncello, but this one was phenomenal.    (Sorry these pictures are out of order). Many thanks to our host and hostess for a wonderful afternoon and an unforgettable meal.salad.jpgrisotto.jpgblanco y negro.jpglemoncello.jpgsalmon.jpg

tomato soup .jpg

2 thoughts on “La Cucina di Afrodita, a lunch in the country

  1. Thanks, Margaret. Sounds yummy (especially the blueberry risotto), and great company, too! Good to hear more of your new home and the friends you are making there. All best, Remmel (Update from Whidbey Island coming soon)

  2. I’ve been wanting to go there ever since they started serving. Now, I will make a point. I’ve been to that house many times in the past when Bob and Jennifer Haas had many gatherings there. It’s a lovely setting and I would like to see how the plants and area has matured over the years. So glad you had another great experience!

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