Let’s Make FaceBook Great Again

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so very tired of seeing a certain very repulsive person, who will go unnamed because I’m even tired of seeing the word in print, when I look at FaceBook. You know the one…the ugly, nasty guy who is in the lead for the Republican nomination. I want to have fun again with FaceBook, and not get depressed about US politics. My friend, Edward Tomlin, put up a picture yesterday of his precious pups and suggest we should all work together to put the fun back into FaceBook. You know—selfies, pet pix, beautiful landscapes, tales of what we’re all up to, movie and book reviews—anything but stuff about Mr. Tiny Hands.

So, I’m going to kick this off by telling you about what happened in San Miguel yesterday. It was the Festival of Our Lord of the Conquest. This has to do with Indian conchero dancers dancing in front of the Parroquia from dawn until dusk to celebrate the acceptance of Christ by Mexico’s indigenous people. (Thanks to my friend Linda Bacon for all the info). The good news about this conversion is that the people of Mexico, while accepting much about Catholicism, also managed to keep their own traditions, as these dancers fully illustrate. It always makes me happy to see this wonderful mix of cultures, and to see the people holding tight to the beauty of their ancient rituals.

I am including some shots I took yesterday morning…I didn’t have the stamina to watch this until the end, but could hear the drumming all day. It was pretty wonderful. The guys taking a break in the last picture here were part of a very interesting dancing group of guys in drag, wearing very stylized masks of painted caucasian women. I have seen this before at festivals in Mexico…where men take the opportunity to dress as women. Drag seems to be a part of every culture. DSCF6975webDSCF6990webDSCF7015webDSCF7021webDSCF7129web

4 thoughts on “Let’s Make FaceBook Great Again

  1. What a wonderful idea to focus on happier photos and events on Facebook. Your photos of the dancers are stunning. I hope one day we will see one of these festivals in person.

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