An Open Letter to Hillary

Dear Hillary, I doubt that you will ever see this, but there are some things I would like to share with you. First of all, I really like you. Maybe I don’t agree with you about everything but I think you are a remarkable woman. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have been criticized and insulted and torn apart in the way that you have over the past many years. I have admired your lifelong devotion to working to make this country a better one. Most of all, I was completely blown away by the way you handled yourself in the midst of your husband’s continually embarrassing womanizing. When his detractors managed to dig up the dirt, you managed to control yourself. Girl, I would have gone completely to pieces. And you know it won’t stop. Just wait until you are the nominee, and I believe you will be. They will start it up again, even worse than before. But, I believe you’ll handle it exactly the way you did before. With class.

I can’t even imagine that you are willing to put yourself out there again. But I am thankful that you are, because I honestly believe you are the only one who can keep the US from falling apart. I believe that you can hold your own against any thing they throw at you. And I believe you could cut any of the possible nominees on the other side to shreds. Your strength amazes me.

Hillary, I believe that this is your destiny. I look back at pictures of you as a young woman,moving from being a Goldwater Republican to a liberal activist. I also remember you  as a young wife, who became a very unusual First Lady, the most powerful since Eleanor Roosevelt.  And then, with the whole world watching, seeing your personal life fall apart because your husband, while a great President, was a sex addict. Many of us would have left a cheating husband without hesitation, but you managed to keep your marriage together, and behave with dignity.You have held your own not only in your home, but in the world as Secretary of State. You have proven yourself as a very active first lady and as a senator from one of the nation’s major states.

We have all heard the hateful rumors. We are all ready for the nastiness that lies ahead. But, I know that you can handle it, because you always have. You have been tried already. I am deeply sorry that some members of your own party have trashed you during this primary. Not sorry just for you, but sorry for the future of the United States and the World.

But, you hang in there, Hillary. There are a whole lot of us who have your back. And, you make us proud.

Sincerely, Margaret


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