Blowing up the Judases

Well, if you’d like to know how they celebrate Easter in San Miguel de Allende, it’s probably not what you’d expect. Today the street was filled with people and the sky right above the people was filled with the villains….the betrayers….the Judases. They have a ceremony in the town square on this day where they “blow up the Judases.” They make papier mache figures of all the people that need to go, and then they blow them up, one by one. If you spend any time in Mexico you soon learn that blowing things up works on almost any occasion. Fred and I managed to time our arrival perfectly and I found a wonderful place to stand, watch, and photograph. The crowd that gathered today seemed to have a lot more gringos than the crowd on Friday (for the Crucifixion parade), which was mostly Mexican.

I asked the Mexican guy standing beside me, “Who are these people?” His answer was, “they are corrupt politicians.” And, guess what…it seems that everyone agreed on who needed to be blown up. Of course I was hoping that Mr. Tiny Hands would be one of the explodees, and I did spot a blonde guy, hanging with the rest of them, waiting for his fate.

Each of these figures wears a  belt of explosives, and they are lit one at a time. A few of them fail to explode,  I think maybe 3 or 4 didn’t blow up. But, most of them went out with a bang. I didn’t know who any of them were, or what their error had been, but I kept my eye on the Mr.T one. (He, by the way, was the only non-Mexican that was blown up. That gives you some idea of how much he is hated here. I’ll tell you what….if I were in this country and I was supporting that jerk, I would sure keep it to myself.)

There was a bride. She didn’t explode. There was a dark-skinned woman with red hair…go figure on that one. Most of them were men. Nearing the end of the ceremony, which took about an hour, the crowd started chanting, “Donald Trump. Donald Trump.” It was in a good-humored sort of way, but the crowd was  as ready as I was. Then, sure enough, Mr Blonde Hair got set on fire. He spun around a few time, and had a couple of little booms. I had a quick thought of how much of a bummer it would be if he were one of the ones that didn’t explode. But, then…Yes!!! He went out in a blaze of glory.

I am including a few more pictures. First we have the bride who survived. Then we have Mr. T set on fire. The third is of his demise. The last two are just two random, but really good, explosions. All in all, a great event. Fred thought it was a little barbaric. I thought it was quite cathartic. Got a Judas in your life? Blow that sucker up!!DSCF7519web.jpg


6 thoughts on “Blowing up the Judases

  1. I got an arm and two legs one year! I was so excited. I kept them right by the front door. The skeptical looks from friends who came to my house was worth the effort to drag those things home. Blowing up the Judases is so cathartic after all the previous weeks solemnity.

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