Dylan. Lipstick, Powder and Paint #7

Before we had even finished our first photo session I knew exactly how I wanted to photograph Dylan. I wanted to play up both sides of his gender identity at the same time, in the same photograph, as though they were having a relationship with each other. This was such a fun project to do. I really enjoy playing around with photoshop, so this was a great way to play. I had seen other similar things done with photoshop and I thought Dylan would be perfect for this because he was such a great mixture of both these characters. One of my goals for this project was for Dylan to portray himself as either gender, in a very real and comfortable way. We really didn’t need to make up a name for the female character, because she was Dylan, too.

Of all the photos from this series, this one really makes me smile. I think Dylan completely nailed it with personality here. All these photos were done at the house where Fred and I lived in Nashville. So, I figured out what this couple would be doing in various parts of the house.  The female character was wardrobed from my closet.  Dylan just posed in whatever he had worn over to the house. We would shoot a couple of male characters one day, and the corresponding females on the next. Sometimes there would be a day or two between shoots, because Dylan was involved with school. We would work for about 3 or 4 hours, then go out to eat. Or, sometimes I would have something cooked. Fred would usually join us for dinner. It was such a joyful project.

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