Media Luna and Gil

There is a wonderful band of young men pictured here who play in San Miguel de Allende. They call themselves “Media Luna.” (Sorry about the photo. I only had my iPhone).They play as a complete band, but they frequently join with my wonderful friend, Gil Gutierrez, a master guitarist who is from Oaxaca and lives with his wife, Rebecca, in San Miguel. The most wonderful thing about Gil…aside from his amazing ability to play a guitar, is the way he nurtures other musicians, especially young ones. He seems to get such joy out of other people’s talents. It is a joy for me to watch as he plays with these guys, and for some reason it always makes me cry a little bit.

I always enjoy going out to Zandunga, Gil and Rebecca’s venue out in the country, to hear whatever music Gil has assembled there. But, my favorite is a mixture of Gil and Media Luna. The music is mostly Flamenco/Jazz guitar. Usually quite dramatic. When I sit and listen, I know without a doubt that I am in Mexico.

This past Sunday we took a trip to Zandunga once again. It was wonderful, as usual. I always tell Rebecca that she sure knows how to throw a party, because that’s what it feels like at Zandunga. This Sunday was no exception. One at a time, Media Luna walked out into the crowd and started playing their guitars. Then Gil walked out and joined in. The crowd was totally into it. What a gift to San Miguel to have such a place as Zandunga, and an artist such as Gil. And what great blessing for a young musician to have the opportunity to play with him and learn from him. And the beauty is, he seems to be learning from them as well.

One thought on “Media Luna and Gil

  1. hi margaret, than more i read your blog i’m thinking of spending my whole next holidays in mexico in san miguel. but as i’m already planning to come for 3 days i’m sure this days will be packed with much programme. so would middle of january be a good time for coming?? hasta la vista chica🙀🙀🙀🙀besos y abrazos

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