So Very Nice to Meet You

I had a lovely experience today. I met Eva Hunter for a late morning coffee at the little cafe in the Instituto Allende, here in San Miguel. I had only met Eva via FaceBook. I think what happened was she commented on  a post from a mutual friend and I found her interesting. Since we had several mutual friends  (In many ways San Miguel is a very small town), I decided to send her a friend request. Somewhere in the world of FaceBook I learned that she is a writer, and, in fact, had a book that I could buy on Kindle, “Little Mormon Girl.” I read the book and found it very well-writen and honest. I started to look forward to seeing her posts, not only because she is such a good writer, but also because she usually said something that resonated with my own thoughts.

Eva has always been a professional writer. She works with other people to help them write books…a book coach. Also magazine articles; she has a way with words. But, she is always working on her own writing…a new book is in the works and I look forward to reading it.

I reached a point that when she “liked” one of my posts I found it quite flattering, as she herself is such an excellent writer. I begin to see many posts from her about an upcoming trip to Greece. I decided that I really needed to meet her before she left. We had already reached the point of a few FaceBook messages, so it was pretty easy to set up a time.

You never know when you meet someone that you like from a distance what will happen if you have a visit. I am happy to say that this visit was splendid. Her conversation is much like her writing, and we covered lots of subjects. Everything from politics in the US (on the same page), to finding ourselves “women of a certain age” in San Miguel, both of whom have slightly younger husbands. We talked about the importance of knowing you are loved.

I love Eva’s style. I always admire a woman who wears red lipstick. I believe that we will have more visits, and more conversations. She is definitely my kind of woman.

This is a post she put up on FaceBook this morning, talking about the weather here yesterday…

“Last night the winds came in, sudden and without warning; whipped boughs of trees in my garden, slammed windows on my yellow balcony doors: flashes of vertical lightening, then monstrous pelts of rain. The cobblestoned street two floors below ran with water like a river.
This is the rainy season in San Miguel de Allende, and the end–we hope–of high-eighty-degree heat. Spring and summer are times of late afternoon rain; the rain that in the fall brings fields of rose-colored cosmos and scratchy-stem sunflowers. Sudden hard rains, scary to get caught in, catching us unaware. This is the time for the umbrella in the satchel; for not making plans to go out around five or six p.m.
This morning the sky is razor blue over the white Moroccan-style house with turret punctuation across the way.”   See what I mean?

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