Aguamiel…Our Favorite in San Miguel

DSCF5968webWhen Fred and I first arrived in San Miguel, one of the first restaurants we wanted to try was Aguamiel. We had heard a lot of good things about it, and it was in the neighborhood of our temporary rental, San Antonio.

We had a bit of a hard time finding it, but once we did, we wanted to return. The pictures for this piece were actually taken in November, on our second visit to this charming restaurant. We immediately felt like old friends with Jennifer, the “front of the house,” and her partner, Gaby, the chef. Since that visit I couldn’t count how many times we’ve been to Agua Miel. Whenever we have an out-of-town guest, they have to go to Agua Miel. If we are getting together for a night out with some of our local friends, we usually suggest Aguamiel. Whenever it’s just a night that we want to go out and have not only a delicious meal, but also a lovely dining experience, it’s Aguamiel. 

The menu is interesting, and seriously caters to vegan and vegetarian needs. But we recently took an extreme carnivore there and she had a grand time with some short ribs. This morning for brunch all I wanted was two poached eggs, some tortillas, and avocado…certainly not an order that would excite many chefs. But, did Gaby ever pull it off. I was presented with a beautiful plate, exactly what I had requested, and done to perfection. To me, the real test of a chef is not how well they can do something fancy. It’s how well they can do the simple things with excellence.

November seems very far away to me now. Lots has happened in the meantime. One of the things that has happened is that Jennifer and Gaby have become our friends, and Aguamiel  has become our go-to favorite place in San Miguel. (As a reference for our Nashville friends, a lot like Margot Cafe.)

Aguamiel Cocina Rustica   Chef Gaby Green   Pipila 3A   Colonia San Antonio   San Miguel de Allende, MX.   415 150 7387  Open Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays from 3-9. Sunday 11-3

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