A Trip to the Queretaro Mall

About an hour’s drive from here is Queretaro, said to be the fastest growing city in Mexico. Ever since we arrived here we have heard that there is a large mall there, with interesting stores. Since Fred and I occasionally enjoy a bit of retail therapy, we decided to head over and check it out. The Antea Mall is, in fact, quite nice. Some of the stores are brands we recognize  (there is a Birkenstock store, there is a Sephora, there is even a Mac, a Gap, a Puma….and a P.F. Chang. There are also many stores and brands that I’ve never seen before. There are two large anchor department stores, Liverpool and El Palacio de Hierro. I think that both of these are Mexican chains. All in all, we did our damage at Crate and Barrel, with a little trip to Sephora on the side. I found it somewhat interesting that the very American Iris Apfel was the featured image promoting a line of clothing I am unfamiliar with. The lady has definitely gone international. To be honest, as I walked around and checked things out, I realized that I really prefer to wear ethnic Mexican clothes, rather than look like I did while I lived in El Norte. Of course, a girl always needs jeans and nice teeshirts regardless. And make up…and Birkenstocks from time to time. Here are some more scenes from the mall.




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