Falling in Love with a Country

This photo is not what you usually see to show off San Miguel de Allende. Not glamorous, just life in Mexico. I took this picture right up the street from our house. It is the corner of Insurgentes and our street, Quebrada. Both of these streets form a diving line that sets the Historic Centro apart from the rest of this little city. Most of the street scenes in Centro are much more picturesque. This corner is right on the edge. Sort of the dividing line between San Miguel as it is seen by tourists, and the rest of the town. While I find great beauty in the wonderful architecture closer to the Jardin, and I love to look at the Paroquia, and the rest of the big churches here, and all the glorious colonial buildings, I also like the simple, funky side of Mexico, and I hope it doesn’t change.

I love that our neighbors are mostly still Mexicans, and that there are Mexican businesses right across the street…a little barbershop, a tienda that sells all sorts of interesting things, a hardware store, and a bus stop. I even love clothes lines and roof dogs. I love walking down my neighborhood street and seeing people who look very different from me. I love saying, “Buenas tardes” when I walk Pinky down the alleyways. I love living in Mexico, where the colors are so much brighter, and I see things every day that I haven’t ever seen before.

San Miguel de Allende is high in the mountains, about 1,000 feet higher than Denver. As a result, we get wonderful weather, and amazing skies and sunshine. At times, honestly, the light here makes me feel that someone has slipped a psychedelic drug into my guacamole. Some days we just stay home, and enjoy the indoor/outdoor living. Tonight we will probably walk across the street, and through the parking lot, to have dinner at a neighborhood hotel. It is mostly frequented by the Mexican tourists who come here. There is a large courtyard there, so we can take Pinky along for dinner.

I think that the Mexican people, on the whole, are very thankful for all the good in their lives. I don’t sense that they compare themselves to others, and come out wanting for more. They are happy to work. They appreciate their jobs, and they are very hard working people. Older people are respected here, and families do things together. The elders are included and taken care of. It might be just an early evening of sitting in the Jardin, or it might be a large family of tourists, maybe from Mexico City, who are enjoying a weekend in the fabled city of San Miguel. Mexicans see this city as a jewel. There is no place quite like it, and there is no country like Mexico. I am so happy to be in this country. I have truly fallen in love with it. Every day it seems to change me into more of the person I have always wanted to be. I feel so blessed and happy to call it my home.


4 thoughts on “Falling in Love with a Country

  1. I have just seen a short documentary about Slovenians living in Mexico, and I loved just looking into their faces. How much unlike Slovenians still in Slovenia. And everybody says how much they are changed. I’ll post it on my blog most likely. I’m so glad you are as happy there.

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